SHOP TALK (Updated 08/31)


First off, Congrats on becoming a NazimaKnits MarketPlace Owner!

How does it feel? Amazing? WE KNOW. 

NazimaKnits' mission is to build a Community of Independent Creators so we can all help each other grow and achieve our dreams.


SO let's get started. Here's a few key points you'll need as a seller.

 1) FEES- yeap, I'm jumping right in. 

Etsy transaction fees alone are currently at 6%, with online ordering on the rise it makes sense, here, we're trying to help make that better. 

- There are NO LISTING FEES for your items, so the options are endless!

- After 180 days, your product listing will become inactive, so please keep an eye to reactivate them again. This is to help make sure inventory is staying fresh & up-to-date. 

Our Fees include:

- Transaction Fee: 4%

   This goes strictly towards paypal/credit card transacting costs. 

- NazimaKnits Commission Fee:  Fixed Rate of $4 + 2% 

    Why/what's a commission fee??

   The NazimaKnits Commission Fee goes towards NazimaKnits for marketing, shipping costs, and growing our network in order to help achieve our mission. I, Nazima Khan, owner of this website, currently work as a Tax Accountant in order to help fund the site until we get to the level of financial stability in order, again, to grow ! And hire more people to help our community grow. (If you know an angel investor, spread the word !) 



- Since we have Free Shipping for our customers to compete with the market, Please ensure EasyPost is selected so you can complete your order using the best carrier suited for you! 

 If you have any further questions, please email so I can make an adjustments necessary and be of assistance.

3) Site Representation- Product exposure:

- Listing your Items in your marketplace will automatically place them on the Browse All Page on NazimaKnits ! So it will be listed among all of our other custom inventory (YAY!)  -

- If you have specific products that you want on specific item pages (ex. Tops) , you can insert the tags listed below in the Product Tag listing and they will filter to those specifics pages. Please use these tags, if you need another one more specific to your items, please email

     Product Tags:

  • Tops
  • Bottoms
  • Dresses
  • Outerwear
  • Jewels 

TO SUM UP: By listing your items on your marketplace, you're gaining exposure on: 

- The Marketplace 

- The Browse All Page

- The Product Specific Page 

- Our Newsletter/Social Media Outlets 

4) SALES/DISCOUNT CODES/ GIFT CARD SALES- How to price your items to accomodate for this:

- When a customer registers with NazimaKnits, which signs them up for our newsletters, they gain access to an initial 20% off their first order. 

- Gift Cards are also available for customers to purchase, If a customer purchases a giftcard, and decides to use it towards your marketplace, I or a member of the team would transfer you the funds that are allocated toward that order. If you don't see your funds in a sufficient amount of time, please email

- TAXES If you are collecting Taxes on you products, please be wary and ensure you have a Certificate of Authority with the State of NY (if you're located in NY). If you're not ready to take this jump, please DO NOT collect taxes on your items. 

- YOUR UPSELL CHARGE, should at least 25% above your "normal" listing price to cover a 20% discount & Shipping, since NazimaKnits tries to gain more traction through free shipping. Which leads to my next point.




Once the order is placed for digital product, the customer will receive an email with the PDF or file you've attached to the product listing.