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One day I went into the massive bins of cloth and began to look for fabrics I liked, cutting them up and hand sewing anything I wanted, bedazzling with my trusty glue gun alongside me. This is when it all started. I was 8 years old and my mom handed me a pink ball of yarn and crochet hook and taught me the basic stitch. Now, 18 years later, I’m working with yarn, recycled fabrics, crochet hooks, looms, pompoms, flowers, elastic, you name it, I’ve probably made something of it.

         After acquiring my Graphic Design certification in high school, I’ve learned so many ways to open up the creative-side of my mind, and today you know it as NazimaKnits. I realized that my passion for creating was meant to be more than just a hobby. When I started college in NYC, I would crochet to and from class on the train, and eventually as my schedule became fuller, the more I created. After a few people requested items from me, I started my own Etsy Page. I used Etsy on a short term basis and expanded onto my own site by bootstrapping, and marketed through Instagram and networking with others in the creator community, for example, spending my breaks in between class at the local Lion Brand Yarn store in Union Square crafting with others.
         It was such an empowering feeling between work, school, and interning to have something totally my own. During my last semester of college I designed my own sustainable yarn blend through another small business “Yarnia” and was hoping to start growing that sector of my business. Unfortunately, in early 2017, a month after graduating with my BBA in International Marketing, my father passed away. I was broken, lost, and saw my dreams flash before my eyes as I had to be realistic about my financials. I then completed my masters in accounting, and am now studying to complete my CPA. After entering the corporate world of public accounting and working at the #1 ‘Big 4’, my creative side couldn’t be suppressed any longer. I’m back and I’m better than ever!


         My goal is to scale away from fast fashion, which isn’t sustainable for the environment or individuals financially, and get good quality, affordable clothing that fits what the client is looking for. By allowing them to design something crochet or work with someone directly finding the right outfit. I’m hoping to grow my company by increasing revenue through DropShipping/Crocheting and using the funds to continue growth to create live-able, salaried jobs for designers.
(& Hopefully even a few sister companies I’d love to dabble in. 😉) 

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