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Unfinished Love Letters to Thyself: A collection of free-verse and prose poetry to our inner beings.


*This Version Is Signed by The Author ! *

What do you do after you acknowledge your traumas and vices? Where do you go from there?
1 in 3 people experience some shape or form of an abusive relationship in their lifetime, and almost 50% of the population has experienced psychological aggression. I’ve found that it will never be easy to bounce back after the version of yourself you loved dearly has been strip searched of any sensibility and normalcy. After being in a dark place for so long, you owe it to yourself to divulge in things that make you feel light and loved. To start fresh and begin again with new perspectives. It is time to fall back in love with yourself as you are in this moment—to continue writing your eternal love letter to thyself.

This anthology includes titles written by:
R. Mayleen
La Femme
Landon Khiry
Rob Yoko
Mr. Massacres

We have come together to make reading so immersive and gentle that you’ll feel yourself on a journey towards healing all your wounds. This book was created to assure you that no matter how many lows you hit, it will
never be too late to start pouring into yourself again.

You aren’t alone in your perils. You are loved. And if by no one else, then
you are loved by this book.

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